Limited means, nothing fancy are information seekers who tend to spend their disposable income cautiously. Non-judgmental and dutiful, they value family and friendships - for them leisure time is all about having a break and chilling out, within their limited means.

Engaging with Limited means, nothing fancy

'The arts' are an unfamiliar concept for this group and will need to be positioned as part of a broader leisure opportunity as well as an exciting opportunity for which it is worth making the time. Alternatively, positioning the activities as a way for groups to contribute to the community or building work-related skills may be effective given their sense of duty, need to socialise and low levels of employment.

Limited means, nothing fancy, although financially constrained, are information-seekers so educating and informing them of the availability of activities through TV and press would be helpful. Also, working in partnership with local networks and community groups that engage with those who are on lower incomes or out of work may be effective.

Making activities free of charge or low-cost and ensuring that there are arts opportunities available in, or in close proximity to, less affluent residential areas could also contribute to tackling some of the practical barriers related to cost and access.

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