Fun, fashion and friends are developing their careers or just starting families. In their leisure time, they like to indulge in their interests of fashion and food. They are ambitious, optimistic and relishseeking out new experiences with friends and family.

Engaging with Fun, fashion and friends

Arts opportunities positioned as 'contemporary', 'trendy', 'fun' and as an opportunity to spend time with friends and family are likely to be attractive to this group. Keen followers of media and celebrity news, they might also respond to endorsements from high-profile media campaigns and celebrities.

As this group are online everyday - using the internet as a source of information and keeping in touch with their friends via social networking sites - an online campaign could be an effective way to interact with this group. A Facebook page or Twitter feed could be a way of keeping this group updated with arts events on an ongoing basis.

In general, this group is already engaged with and has a positive attitude towards the arts - the challenge is not convincing them to engage, but finding appropriate communications channels to encourage them to increase their frequency, and creating more arts opportunities that correlate with their interests and fit in with their lifestyle.

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