Dinner and show are a mainstream group consisting of a significant proportion of young and middle-aged people. With two-thirds employed and a third comfortably off, this group has disposable income to spend on leisure activities. Young or young at heart they enjoy life - eating well, socialising and going on outings related to music.

Engaging with Dinner and a show

Infrequent attendees at a limited number of arts events, the challenge with this group is to provide opportunities that fit their lifestyle. Overall, they are likely to respond to offers that position the arts as entertaining, relaxing and sociable. Given their high propensity to be online, using this as a tool to engage with them initially or to follow up with them to encourage repeat attendance may be helpful.

Targeted multi-ticket offers might encourage this group to attend more often. Bundle offers (eg '4 for 3') combining mainstream events with more adventurous ones could also reduce the financial risk of trying out something different. Marketing activities at large-scale venues where they are currently attending events is another potential route for reaching this group.

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