In their late teens or 20s, still living with their parents or having just flown the nest, Bedroom DJs are starting out in life. They are motivated and aspire to do well in their careers. With few commitments, they tend to live for the moment and spend impulsively even though they are financially constrained. Appearance conscious and sociable, they spend much of their time and money on shopping, socialising and entertainment.

Engaging with Bedroom DJs

The concept of 'the arts' does not resonate well with this group. Arts opportunities positioned as entertainment or as an opportunity for self-expression are more likely to be successful. They might also be more likely to pay attention to opportunities related to furthering their career or to their existing areas of interest - for example cinema, fashion, contemporary popular music and the latest technology.

Opportunities to actively participate or interact might appeal to them, as could including an element that gives them something to talk about afterwards - either in person or online. Using locations they frequent already - for example shopping malls, cinemas, bars and clubs - could be effective.

Communications should be informal in tone and use language that this group might be more likely to respond to (eg 'creative', 'entertainment', 'social'). Key media to consider include cinema, mobile and online channels.

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