You can find out more about the 13 segments in two ways:

1 Reading the segment profile

The segment profiles are an essential starting point. They paint a vivid picture of each segment, picking out some characteristic features and key patterns in their arts engagement, leisure time use, demographics and media consumption. The profiles also include some initial thoughts on the types of engagement strategies that are likely to be more successful among each segment.

Please note that the profiles should not be considered as a source of precise statistics on a given segment - they are intended only to provide broad indication of some likely patterns among different types of arts consumers.

Highly engaged

Some engagement

Not currently engaged

2 Studying the data tables

If you want to use the segmentation data to support the development of specific engagement or communications strategies, or want to find out more details about any of the segments, you can consult the more detailed data tables:

The information in these tables is rich and complex. If you are not used to using raw statistical data you may want expert guidance. This is a service offered by The Audience Agency as part of the Audience Focus programme.