Unlimited was a project at the heart of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad that celebrated the work of Deaf and disabled artists on an unprecedented scale.

The programme was principally funded by the Olympic Lottery Distributor, and was delivered in partnership between London 2012, Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the British Council.

We made awards to 29 artists and arts organisations to enable Deaf and disabled artists to push boundaries and deliver ambitious work, which has been presented to audiences across the country and internationally.

Unlimited Festival

As part of the London 2012 Festival, all 29 commissions were brought together in a unique 11-day celebration from 30 August-9 September 2012 at the Southbank Centre

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East Midlands

Paul Cummins - The English Flower Garden
Around 15,000 hand-thrown ceramic flowers make a quintessentially English garden.


Bobby Baker - Mad Gyms and Kitchens
Surprises galore as Bobby Baker explores the wonderful world of well-being.

Candoco - Candoco Unlimited
Inclusive dance on an unprecedented scale, reflecting the Olympic and Paralympic Values.

Dean Rodney - Dean Rodney Singers
An innovative audio-visual installation featuring music, dance and video by a global online band.

Graeae and Strange Fruit - The Garden
An outdoor performance of circus and dance, created by three British disabled artists.

Simon Allen - Resonance at the Still Point of Change
Live staging of new audio-visual song-cycle.

Tin Bath Theatre Company - Bee Detective
A sensory spectacle with animation, vibrations and waggle dancing.

North East

Helen Petts - Throw Them Up and Let Them Sing
A digital film exploring Kurt Schwitters' escape from Nazi Germany and journey to the Lake District.

Lawnmowers - Boomba Down the Tyne
A large-scale extravaganza celebrating cultural links with Brazil.

North West

Fittings - The Ugly Spirit 
Siamese twins The Bellamy Sisters on a never-ending theatrical tour: a new play by Russell Barr.

Laurence Clark - Inspired
Comedy show asking why everyday activities are inspirational when they're done by disabled people.

South East 

Rachel Gadsden - Unlimited Global Alchemy
Artists Rachel Gadsden and the Bambanani Group explore the psychology and politics of HIV/AIDS.

South West

Diverse City - Breathe
An outdoor performance of circus and dance created by three British disabled artists.

Sue Austin - Creating the Spectacle
A self-propelled underwater wheelchair is part of a surprising and unexpected spectacle.

West Midlands

DASH Arts - M21
Artists explore what it's like to live in middle England, from medieval to modern times.


David Toole and Lucy Hind - The Impending Storm
Renowned dancer David Toole collaborates with able-bodied and disabled UK and South African artists.

Jez Colborne - Irresistible - Call of the Sirens
A breathtaking musical event and symphony using warning sirens, traditional instruments and songs. Noisy, dramatic and spectacular, Irresistible is a unique musical event.

Simon McKeown - Motion Disabled Unlimited
Fuses sculpture with technology to explore Paralympian physicality.

Stumble danceCircus - Box of Frogs
A poignant and funny exploration of passion and disappointment in a circus show with a difference.

Northern Ireland

Soft toys escape a factory to seek a new life.

Maurice Orr - The Screaming Silence of the Wind
Multi-sensory paintings inspired by the landscapes of Northern Ireland and Iceland.

Sinead O'Donnell - CAUTION
An exhibition, installation and performances by six artists collaborating across four continents.


Caroline Bowditch - Leaving Limbo Landing
Dancers and aerialists perform in air, water and on land in Caroline Bowditch's new production.

Claire Cunningham - Ménage à Trois
A visually stunning new piece of dance theatre from award-winning performer Claire Cunningham.

Janice Parker - Private Dancer
An immersive experience that draws the audience into an intimate and exciting private world. 

Marc Brew - Fusional Fragments
Fast-moving, athletic fusion of classical ballet and contemporary dance.

Ramesh Meyyappan - Skewered Snails
A darkly comic tale following a son who escapes his brutal home.


Chris Tally Evans - Turning Points
Focus on the best you can become with this storytelling project.

Kaite O'Reilly - In Water I'm Weightless
A fusion of dance, words and attitude, exploring the poetry of human difference.