Travel is a major contributor to the carbon footprint of the arts and culture sector. Audiences, artists and business travel all contribute to the overall impact, and touring is therefore a key area of focus for reducing environmental impact.

Organisations applying to our Strategic touring programme will need to provide details of how environmental sustainability will be addressed through and, if appropriate, beyond the life of the project.

See full Strategic touring guidance for further information.

We will be working with organisations at the forefront of innovation for a low-carbon economy to deepen our understanding and to explore new approaches to touring and distribution of work.

For theatre organisations, Julie's Bicycle have produced a piece of research, Moving Arts: Managing the Impacts of our Touring Vol. 3 Theatre, mapping the current impacts of theatre tours beginning in the UK, and providing detailed recommendations for how to measure and improve these impacts.

They have also developed a new on-line tool, the IG Tool for Touring, for measuring carbon emissions before and after a tour.

Green Riders is a campaign to introduce environmental sustainability at the first stage of touring negotiations in theatre and music, supported by the TMA, ITC and Julie's Bicycle.