Theatre and visual arts organisations working to improve environmental sustainability and tackle climate change through creative action.


Julie's Bicycle
A theatre programme bringing together commercial and subsidised theatres to improve environmental sustainability and to flourish in a low carbon economy. Their work is informed by the UK Theatre Group and is delivered in partnership with networks, consortia and established industry bodies.

Green Theatre Network
An open network for UK theatre professionals to meet through networking events to share best practice, with an online platform for sharing resources and continued dialogue.

Please see the theatre section of the Julie's Bicycle website for information on publications, resources, and campaigns for festivals and outdoor events, productions, venues, touring and office and rehearsal space.

The Theatres Trust programme is working with 48 smaller London venues over three years to help them acquire Display Energy Certificates and develop environmental policies.

Visual Arts

Green Visual Arts Guide
Developed by Julie's Bicycle, included data from some major galleries, outlining how to reduce carbon by 60 per cent by 2025 in line with the Mayor of London's city-wide target. Involved data from over 1000 galleries, festivals and artists.


Julie's Bicycle started out working with the music industry and have delivered pioneering research and run high profile campaigns into everything from greening orchestras to changing CD packaging.

Green Music Guide (2009)

Green Orchestras Guide (2010)

Green Music Network
Julie's Bicycle facilitates an online network for music industry professionals and artists - a platform to share best practice, ideas, campaigns, case studies and a forum for peer-to-peer support, guidance and access to Julie's Bicycle expert advice.
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Please see for full information on publications, resources and campaigns for artists and managers, orchestras, concerts, venues, festivals, publishers, industry associations, record labels, recording studios and tours.