The Arts Council has developed two services to help arts organisations to better understand their area and their local population:

Both reports are available to not-for-profit organisations working in the arts and cultural sector and to venues receiving work from funded clients of Arts Council England. They are also available to local authorities for arts development purposes. The reports cost £25 plus VAT. All organisations who receive Arts Council England funding can, however, request up to three reports per year free of charge.

To request these two services, contact the audience development agency for your region:

Area Profile Reports

Area Profile Reports are an Arts Council England initiative designed to help arts organisations gain a better understanding of their local population.

They provide information about the population living within a defined area. This may be the area within a certain drive-time or distance from an arts venue, a Local Authority or a particular postcode area (or a combination of postcode areas).

The information includes a range of population demographics (age, ethnicity, social grade etc) as well as estimates on internet usage, newspaper readership and arts and museum attendance among the population. The report provides information for each postcode sector that falls within the defined area, as well as giving an overview of the entire area.

Segmentation Area Profiles

We have worked with CACI Ltd to develop a local level modelling of our 13 arts consumer segments. The modelling is based on the probabilities of people living in different English postcodes to belong to the 13 segments. It asks: given what we know about the demographic and lifestyle characteristics of the people living in that postcode, what segment are they likely to belong to? A segment profile for a particular area is calculated by aggregating the probabilities calculated for each constituent postcode.

A Segmentation Area Profile provides an estimated segment breakdown of the people living in a given local area - view an example.

Any areas of interest can be analysed, such as drive-time areas (eg area within 30-minute drive from a particular postcode), postcode areas/districts/sectors/local authorities/wards. View an example.

For more information see the segmentation research:

Finding out more

If you have any questions about these two services you can email us.