Diversity and equality are crucial to the arts because they sustain, refresh, replenish and release the true potential of England’s artistic talent, regardless of people’s background. This underpins the Arts Council’s approach to equality and diversity in our sector: the Creative Case for Diversity.

Find out more about the Creative Case by reading the documents on the right, which set out our aims for a truly diverse and equal arts and culture sector, and invite artists and organisations to join us with this work.

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What does the sector have to say?

We’ve published a selection of short films exploring what diversity and the Creative Case means to a cross-section of arts and culture professionals in England. Hear what they have to say:

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Creative Case in action: case studies

A selection of case studies is also available to read. These case studies illustrate real examples of adaptive resilience, provide examples of good practice and explore some of the dilemmas and tensions inherent in embracing the Creative Case for Diversity.

The case studies include:

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What is the Creative Case for Diversity

How we are investing in diversity 2015-18

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