We continue to address the legal, moral, ethical and business cases that underpin our commitment to equalities. But increasingly we are interested in the artistic aspect of equalities and diversity described as the 'Creative Case'. This is the recognition that artistic excellence relies on the richness and innovation that diversity brings.

We will forge a new relationship with the arts sector on issues of diversity and equality, characterised by shared discourses and the sector taking the lead with our support, facilitation and, where appropriate, provocation to prise major questions into the open.

We will create the conditions for diverse artists at all levels to work in well-established, high-profile organisations and create work in these places for public performance or presentation.

We will support a wider range of national and international artistic collaborations where emergent companies share artistic and, where appropriate, operational resources with larger mainstream companies.

The Creative Case

The Creative Case is the Arts Council inviting the arts sector to engage with a different approach to diversity and equality in the arts. It is a repositioning of previous work where, due to statutory requirements and legal duties, we separated strands of work on race, disability and gender equality and where the focus was on addressing past imbalances, reducing deficits and structural gaps in the arts sector.

For more information you can visit the Creative Case website, or download the Access the Creative Case document on the top right hand side of this page.