Balloon Dog

Balloon Dog by Rob Myers forms part of a series of shareable DIY 'readymades' for an era of digital copying and sharing.


Andy Deck's Glyphiti is an artistic experiment in extending the reaches of public art.

Open Source Embroidery

Based around needle and thread, rather than screen and keyboard, artist-curator Ele Carpenter has established itinerant sewing circle, Open Source Embroidery, to literally and metaphorically thread its way through the seams of craft and code.


Created through Art Is Open Source and FakePress, REFF (Roma Europa Fake Factory) self-consciously performs a range of apparently institutionalised activities across the arts sector.


Borrowing part of its name from the 'alpha' phase of software testing, spring_alpha is virtual-world game, created by Simon Yuill, which invites people to playfully test out different societal models.

Love, Piracy, and the Office of Religious Weblog Expansion

Love, Piracy... a work by artist duo Ambient TV (Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel), is about censorship politics. It takes as its subject the transcript of an interview conducted by Patel with Iranian philosopher Ali Alizadeh.


Avatar Body Collision is a performance troupe incorporating its virtual and physical presences into globally-distributed 'cyberformances'. To develop this unique practice they created the open source platform UpStage.