Progressive Publishing System

The Progressive Publishing System from Skyscraper Digital Publishing is still in its developmental phase, but ultimately aims to provide a means for quick and seamless publishing across a range of platforms. Building on's existing facility for creating PDFs from website articles, PPS prepares document types for a variety of outputs including a vast array of ePublishing formats.

Shapeways - 3D printing

3D printing turns a digital file into a finished physical object by literally printing it up in layers. As the printers themselves are expensive to own outright, Shapeways facilitates the 3D printing of uploaded digital files (created with any FOSS software) in a range of materials and deliver the final object in up to 10 working days. Another option is to select and order from an existing catalogue of products from designers all over the world.

Thingiverse - Sharing 3D Digital Models

Thingiverse believe that access to digital fabrication tools such as laser cutters and 3D printers is on the increase, and provide a dedicate space to share ideas and designs. Expanding ownership beyond the product itself they support the free exchange of digital files as downloadable product recipes.