By guest curators Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett, Furtherfield

Introduction to the collection

Each element in this collection connects with some aspect of freedom and openness in the arts, in the age of the Internet. Freedom to collaborate - to use, modify and redistribute ideas, artworks, experiences, media and tools. Openness to the ideas and contributions of others, and new ways of organising and making decisions together. 

Artistic practices inevitably develop in parallel with global technological cultures. Stimulated by philosophical, social and ethical debates, contemporary art workers - artists performers, curators, directors, organisers - adopt the digital tools as well as the processes and metaphors that enable and inspire our networked age.

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All introductory texts by Charlotte Frost unless stated otherwise.

About Furtherfield

Furtherfield is a dynamic, creative and social nerve centre where upwards of 26,000 contributors worldwide have built a visionary culture around collaboration - swapping and sharing code, music, images, video and ideas.

It believes that through creative and critical engagement with practices in art and technology people are inspired and enabled to become active co-creators of their cultures and societies. It co-creates extraordinary art that connects with contemporary audiences providing innovative, engaging and inclusive digital and physical spaces for appreciating and participating in practices in art, technology and social change.