Here are some useful links to external sites, reports and documents relating to the wider environment of digital and broadcasting, reflecting the ways in which the broadcasting and communications landscape is changing and what this means for the arts and cultural sector.

Expert curators

Every six months, we will be asking a different organisation to respond to a topic that is pertinent to digital innovation and 'curate' this part of the site. They will select a series of projects, media and resources as well as critical work to be published here. In this way we will take advantage of the expertise of many of the organisations that we fund and work with to provide a showcase for high quality digital art work and critical material.

Gradually this will build up a rich bank of material and information about each of these topics. These curated themes will also contain links to a wide range of other sites and resources.

The first theme is Collaboration and freedom - the world of free and open source art and has been curated by Furtherfield.

Counting What Counts report

Follow this link to download the Counting What Counts report.

This is a report that builds on a project to consider new and emerging frameworks for the assessment and measurement of public value and economic impact in the age of digital media. It suggests that the current approach to the use of data in the cultural sector is out-of-date and inadequate, and that arts and cultural bodies need to re-think the way they use and  manage so-called 'big data'.

The overall objective of this report is to help senior cultural decision-makers to understand the importance of the potential of big data, and to encourage them to make changes to the environment, the metrics and the skills to harness its potential.

There are further reports on the issues around digital measurement that include:

Culture 24 – How to evaluate success online

The Collections Trust - Digital Benchmarking Tool

NESTA – Rise of the Datavores

Strand 1 of our own Audience focus fund that focusses on defining measures for digital engagement

Digital Britain report

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) published the Digital Britain report in June 2009. Download Digital Britain in PDF format and Word format.


AmbITion was an Arts Council initiative to support arts organisations wanting to go through a significant 'step change' process to transform their business model using digital technology. You can find the AmbITion toolkit on the dedicated legacy website.

Technology Strategy Board

The Technology Strategy Board is the UK's national innovation agency. You can browse its Creative Industries strategy on the Technology Strategy Board website.

The Knowledge

TheKnowledge is a wiki-based community, book and eBook created by Art of Digital. The project aims to help the culture sector share information and ideas around digital strategy, platforms and tools. Topics currently covered are: publishing, video, archiving, open source, audio, gaming, community and social media.