How teachers find and use online resources

The Arts Council commissioned a questionnaire to investigate and understand ways that teachers access and use online and digital resources to provide cultural education. The survey was developed to help us encourage arts and cultural organisations to develop the right tools for teachers.  The results of the survey can be found here.

About the database

We have updated our database of teaching resources for creative and cultural education. The database  draws together a wealth of online resources for teachers which have been devised by some of the nation’s finest arts organisations, museums and education specialists. 

The material available includes:

  • access to extensive photo archives
  • teachers’ packs
  • video clips and ‘webquests’
  • bringing together the collections of  nine national museums and galleries

The resources are designed to generate creative new ideas and inspire teachers of subjects at Key Stage 1 - 5 across the national curriculum. 

Access the database now

Explore the database

Curated for the Arts Council by Cape UK, and our Bridge organisation for Yorkshire and Humber, the database has been buit by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER). We will continue to develop the range of materials available through working with our cultural education partners BFI, English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund.