Please note: the EOI process has now closed.

We are inviting expressions of interest from organisations to join phase 3 which will begin in July 2014. 50 participants in this cohort will work in a Virtual Research Environment (VRE). The VRE is a web space providing a number of tools which aid collaborative networks and communities of enquiry. It will provide a central place to collect and disseminate information about participants’ work and will test the quality principles with a larger group of participants. 

We will ask organisations to:

  • liaise with their area Arts Council England relationship manager when developing a plan to test the principles
  • link with organisations in cohorts 1 and 2 and potentially outside of the pilots, to discuss approaches to working with the principles
  • agree terms and conditions to working on the VRE
  • upload and share practice and project progress on the VRE
  • provide regular updates of their work with a final progress update and key reflections in December 2014

We are seeking to work with a representative sample of arts and culture organisations in the Arts Council portfolio. To achieve a balance of organisations in the research we will decide participants according to range of arts and cultural areas, size and type of organisations, geographical spread and diversity. Arts Council has no strategic funding to support the pilots and so organisations wishing to participate must be able to self fund their activity.

If you interested in participating in this phase of the research please submit a short expression of interest, no more than two sides of A4, by 19 May 2014 to Nicky Morgan

The expression of interest should cover:

  • Name of organisation
  • Email and telephone contact details
  • Proposed activity to test how the quality principles can be put into practice
  • Timeline for the activity
  • Plans to evaluate impact

Some organisations have already contacted us regarding participation in phase 3. We will email each of these organisations to discuss what extra information they need to complete for their expression of interest as outlined above.