Following publication of Cultural Education: an independent review by Darren Henley (February 2012), Arts Council England, the Heritage Lottery Fund, the British Film Institute and English Heritage have come together as the Cultural Education Partnership Group.

As the Cultural Education Partnership Group, we look forward to playing a leading role responding to the Henley review and addressing a number of the recommendations.

We are committed to working together to ensure our priorities for cultural education cohere so that they are more than 'the sum of their parts'. Together, we can collaborate to use our resources to maximise the number of high quality cultural education opportunities for children and young people, both in and out of school.

Aims of the group

The Cultural Education Partnership group has met several times since publication of the Henley review to agree a common purpose.

The aims of the group are to:

  • determine how our priorities for cultural education in England can be aligned
  • promote and advocate for the benefits of cultural education though our individual and shared activities, to a range of partners including government
  • test whether a stronger alignment of our activities and resources, will result in higher quality cultural education for children and young people in England.

Activity to date

To date we have:

  • identified three geographical areas where we will test a shared approach and greater alignment of our activities and resources: the City of Bristol; Barking and Dagenham; and Great Yarmouth
  • identified a small number of developments on which greater collaboration would be of benefit: Arts Award and Film Academies; Arts Award and Young Roots grants programme;  Artsmark and Heritage schools; development of a Cultural passport

Over time members of the Cultural Education Partnership group may identify other areas where greater impact may be made through alignment of some priorities and funding streams, for example in areas of low cultural engagement, targeting particular groups such as those entitled to free school meals.

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