Our partners, including the organisations that we fund, are critical to the successful delivery of the Arts Council plan. We will work with partners on several initiatives and will use the best examples of our funded organisations' work to inform our policies.

The organisations receiving regular annual funding from us ('regularly funded organisations') will also support us in our aims for 2008-2011. We will be reviewing the Arts Council's role as funder as well as our relationships with the arts organisations we fund (especially the regularly funded organisations), in particular testing the feasibility of organisations assessing their own success and conducting peer reviews. We will work closely with funded organisations in the development of this.

All our funding is directed to the delivery of our objectives. For example, our new Grants for the arts programme, launched in April 2008, changes the way we assess applications so that applicants explain to us how their proposals will achieve artistic excellence and engage audiences.

Working with local authorities, we will sustain and develop national, regional and local partnerships that will see excellent arts taking root in communities throughout England. We will focus our resources on areas of greatest need and where there is the greatest opportunity to combine our efforts with those of partners, such as regional development agencies and other local bodies.