The period 2008-11 will bring significant internal change for us. Our new support centre opened in July 2008 in Manchester. It houses our IT, human resources, enquiries, finance and grant-logging teams. With the new centre we will be using our technology more efficiently; this will lead not only to savings, but also to higher standards of service to the public and to arts organisations.

The Arts Council will improve its data, information and reporting systems, making us a more efficient, transparent organisation. Funded organisations will be able to compare their own achievements to an array of management targets.

By 2010/11 we will have saved the equivalent of a 15 per cent reduction in our administration costs through conducting a major review of our organisational structure during 2008/09. We will announce our decisions in June 2009 and implement them by April 2010.

Over 2008-11 the Arts Council will also implement a people strategy to ensure confidence of purpose, national leadership, high-performing managers, and the development of talent and skills within the workforce. Part of this strategy will focus on career development to encourage a more beneficial relationship between our workforce and both the arts and other relevant sectors.

During 2008-11 we will further explore the outcomes that we aim for, and what they mean for us - as a funder, a development agency and a campaigner - and the way we make decisions about the best use of our resources.