We want all children and young people* in England to have contact with the arts – as participants and audience members. When children and young people experience high-quality arts, it helps them to develop not only their own artistic skills and cultural understanding, but also encourages the development of their talents in other aspects of their lives.

Our vision complements the Government’s aspiration that, in three years’ time, all children and young people in schools will be entitled to five hours of cultural activity every week. The future of the creative economy depends on opportunities for children and young people to participate in arts and creativity being provided today.

Our work includes:

  • establishing the board and creating 25 regional area delivery organisations prior to the transition of Creative Partnerships into our biggest regularly funded organisation, Creativity, Culture and Education
  • selecting 10 areas to pilot Find Your Talent. They will test local delivery models and inform development of a wider cultural offer
  • we are a key delivery partner for Creative Britain, responsible for delivering commitments relating to talent development through Find Your Talent and apprentices
  • we saw continued success with Artsmark, our national award scheme that recognises schools commited to the arts. Over 4,000 schools in England have an Artsmark and in 2008/09 we received 1,672 applications, a record number

* The Arts Council includes young people up to 25 years old in its definition of children and young people.