Great art for everyone

Our mission for the next three years, 10 years and beyond is clear and unequivocal. It is about great art for everyone.

This goes to the heart of what Arts Council England is for, and why John Maynard Keynes set up the Arts Council: 'to give courage, confidence and opportunity' to artists and their audiences.

They need today, just as much as in 1946, that courage, confidence and opportunity. It is our duty to infuse the whole nation with it, and to do that we should have some of that courage and confidence for ourselves.

The arts are an important part of life in this country - something beyond economic well-being but just as important. When the arts achieve excellence they offer something to each individual that is hard to describe. This might be a challenge, conflict, insight, understanding, amusement, an intellectual or an emotional connection. It's unique for each person.

This is what we are about - creating the conditions by which great art can happen, and then making sure as many people as possible can engage with the arts and discover what art can do for them.

Our plan sets out how we will do it. Read it, talk about it, tell us what you think.

Download our plan, Great art for everyone 2008-2011

To help us achieve our plan, we have identified four development priorities for 2008-2011:

Read Achieving great art for everyone, our 10-year strategic framework for the arts, published November 2010.