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The Space: homepage 2

Discover full performances, orginal work and rare archive on The Space. See more

The Space: Push Me Collection

Push Me Collection follows the remarkable stories of disabled artists pushing themselves to reach astonishing goals. See more

The Space: John Peel Centre for Creative Arts

John Peel Centre for Creative Arts has unveiled 2,600 albums from this legendary DJ's record collection. See more

The Space: 10by10

10by10 offers a unique journey across the UK from a Black British perspective. See more

The Space: Universe of Sound

Universe of Sound: The Planets was an interactive digital installation at the Science Museum.  See more

The Space: Tongue Fu Flicks

Tongue Fu Flicks showcases spontaneous live perfomances fusing spoken word, improvised music and film. See more

The Space began as a pilot digital arts service and commissioning programme launched in May 2012 by the Arts Council  in partnership with the BBC. It was  conceived and developed as a live, free, and on-demand service through which audiences could access a wide range of arts digitally and, in particular, the London 2012 Festival and Cultural Olympiad.

Relaunched: the new version of The Space was launched in June 2014, and it's live now

The evaluation of the Space pilot showed that it had met its core aims to support digital creativity and experimentation, build digital capacity in the arts,  and connect arts organisations with a wider audience.  The Space is now run by a new independent Community Interest Company and the new Space re-launched on June 13 2014.  The Space will continue to focus on the original core aims of creative experimentation, building capacity and reaching audiences digitally, but with an enhanced emphasis on fostering and supporting innovative and interactive new digital artwork and participation.

Check out The Space now.

The pilot: evaluation summary, case studies and films from the 2012 pilot

Browse the links below to find out the key findings from the evaluation summary, specific projects and latest videos.

The Space evaluation summary
Push Me Collection
John Peel's Record Collection 10by10
Universe of Sound: The Planets
Tongue Fu Flicks