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The Space: Push Me Collection

Push Me Collection follows the remarkable stories of disabled artists pushing themselves to reach astonishing goals. See more

The Space: 10by10

10by10 offers a unique journey across the UK from a Black British perspective. See more

Citizen Ex

Citizen Ex, James Bridle and Southbank Centre See more


Templecraft, Adam Clarke, Artichoke, Blockworks, Sparks and CultureTECH See more

In C Mali

In C Mali, Africa Express and Tate Modern See more


Karen, Blast Theory and National Theatre Wales See more

Inside Soundtrack 7

Inside Soundtrack 7, FKA Twigs and Manchester International Festival See more

The Space is a commissioning and development programme, supported by the Arts Council and the BBC, committed to the digital capture, extension and creation of the arts. 

It delivers this vision through three core areas of commissioning and development:

  • digitally capturing and distributing the live arts experience for online audiences
  • pioneering ideas to extend and deepen the impact of existing artists, exhibitions or 
artworks through the use of digital technology and creative use of archives.
  • the creation of new ‘landmark’ works (i.e. works created specifically for the digital environment which have interactivity and new approaches to story at their heart) 

Its mission is to develop and commission great art digitally, supporting artists and organisations to make the most of the opportunity that technology affords. It looks to increase the reach of existing activity in innovative ways, open up art to new audiences and explore the potential to create new artistic experiences made possible by digital technology.

Commissions have included:

  • Karen: a mobile theatre app from artistic collective Blast Theory 
  • Templecraft: A digital reconstruction in Minecraft of Burning Man artist David Best’s real-world Temple which ceremonially burned simultaneously
  • Citizen Ex: A downloadable browser plug-in which reveals the legal and political jurisdictions that govern web users as they move from one website to another.
  • Inside Soundtrack 7 with FKA Twigs: A curated Tumblr of images, sounds and ideas charting FKA twigs' creative process throughout her Manchester International Festival residency

More information about the The Space can found at and on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. 

The Space opens new commissioning round

The Space has opened a new commissioning round and is accepting applications until 15 December.

Proposals should fit one of three strands – capture projects; projects that extend existing artworks or performances using digital technology; and “landmark” digital arts projects that use technology as an intrinsic part of the work.

The Space are looking for the most exciting and innovative work from organisations and artists across the UK arts and creative industries, aligned with a commitment to high quality and the desire to extend the arts experience to wider audiences, harnessing the potential of digital media and technology.

From 20 October until 15 December, you can apply to have your work commissioned by The Space. This includes potential distribution through our core distribution relationships with BBC services such as BBC Arts online or partnerships with other digital media platforms where they are most appropriate.

For more information and to access the commissioning brief please visit

History of The Space: pilot and evaluation

The Space was first launched as a pilot and joint commission by the Arts Council and the BBC. The evaluation of the pilot showed that it had met its core aims to support digital creativity and experimentation, build digital capacity in the arts, and connect arts organisations with a wider audience. This led to a re-launch of The Space in June 2014 - which you can access now.

Browse the links below to find out the key findings from the evaluation summary, specific projects and latest videos.

The Space evaluation summary
Push Me Collection
John Peel's Record Collection 10by10
Universe of Sound: The Planets
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