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State of the Arts has evolved from the Arts Council's single annual conference to become a series of diverse activities encouraging thought leadership in the arts and cultural sector and providing platforms to develop new ideas and respond to the political environment as it develops.

The activities will include lectures, symposia, conferences and debates, some of which will be sector-led, with the intention of exploring new ideas and concepts to shape the future of the sector. Keep up to date with planned activities here or follow @ace_national on Twitter.

Towards Plan A: a new political economy for arts and culture?

The Arts Council and the RSA are partnering to curate Towards Plan A: a new political economy for arts and culture? a seminars series aimed at developing and articulating a new case for investment in the arts and culture. The series began on 20 March 2013 with a lecture by Peter Bazalgette, Chair, Arts Council England with a closing seminar featuring our Chair Sir Peter Bazalgette and Chief Executive Alan Davey on  5 November 2013.

At the event, our Chair and Chief Executive both explored the holistic case for the arts and culture, and asked the audience to join the conversation on defining this. Find out more about the holistic case.

No Boundaries, 25-26 February 2014

The next State of the Arts event, No Boundaries, is taking place on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 February 2014 in Bristol and York. It will form the culmination of an open symposium on the role of culture in 21st century society bringing together leaders and activists in a debate that will build over the coming months culminating in this two day event, connecting discussions across three venues and the web.

No Boundaries will present questions and challenging new ideas, as well as offering breakout discussions and playful, unexpected moments. It will be accessible for established cultural leaders and for those who are discovering their leadership role. It aims to find positive approaches to influence change and support the sector’s growth in a world where there is no normal.

Find the list of speakers, video provocations and follow the debate during the symposium on the No Boundaries website.

Peter Bazalgette: inaugural lecture

The event was live streamed on our website. You can download the transcript of the lecture and Q&A sessions, watch a video of the lecture, or listen to and download the audio below:

Download the transcript of Sir Peter Bazalgette's lecture

Sir Peter Bazalgette's inaugural lecture as Chair, Arts Council England, for State of the Arts

Download the transcript of the Q&A session with Sir Peter Bazalgette

Q&A with Sir Peter Bazalgette, Chair, Arts Council England, for State of the Arts 

Watch Sir Peter Bazalgette's inaugural lecture: