The Cultural Leadership Programme (CLP) was a government-funded investment in leadership development across the creative and cultural sectors. This support acknowledged the particular value of the cultural and creative sectors within the UK economy. It was targeted to strengthen the impact of these sectors through investing in its leadership for the future.

Launched in 2006, three sector lead organisations, Arts Council England, Creative & Cultural Skills and the Museums, Libraries and Archives Council formed the Cultural Leadership Delivery Partnership, a unique cross-sector collaboration to support the Programme. The partnership drew on existing resources, shared expertise, and ensured that the programme provided value for money and the maximum impact possible.

CLP supported an ambitious range of activities, opportunities and resources over five years.  Reaching over 20,000 emerging, mid-career and established leaders it aimed to nurture and develop dynamic and diverse leaders to equip them for the challenges of the 21st Century.

The Cultural Leadership Programme closed on 31 March 2011. The Arts Council is continuing to prioritise leadership through the delivery of the developing resilient leadership commissioned grant, a £1.8 million fund to support the personal and professional development of cultural leaders.