We would like all our funded organisations to display information about public investment in arts and culture on their websites. This will help to engage your visitors and supporters and increase public understanding of how and why investing in arts and culture is good value for money.

How you choose to do this will depend on what kind of organisation you are, and what kind of website you have. This page includes some general guidance on tone and content, as well as a couple of examples to help inspire you.

Good examples

General advice

  • Focus any content around the 'why arts and culture are good value' bullets. You could include the phrase: 'Public funding for the arts and culture in England costs each person just 14p per week'.
  • Include an Arts Council logo on the page, which links to What we do our public-facing landing page
  • In addition to documenting artistic achievements it will particularly helpful if you can demonstrate how the work that you do contributes towards building communities, driving economic growth, showcasing the best of Britain, boosting tourism, supporting education and creating employment.
  • Be concrete. Give examples of key artistic successes, audience figures and touring information for your productions, examples of educational or outreach projects and how many people have used them. Explain how you are funded and why public funding is important to you, and outline any contribution your organisation makes to the local economy. Remember, don't just limit to sharing this on your website, you can share this via other platforms such as your annual report.
  • Include quotes from visitors, teachers and local business leaders. This will help to bring your argument to life and remind people that the money invested in your organisation is ultimately for their benefit.
  • Be positive. Rather than dwelling on what would be lost if your funding was removed, celebrate what you are able to achieve by using it.

Sample copy

Using the Hepworth as an example, this is the kind of copy you could think about creating for your organisation.

The Hepworth Wakefield receives public funding from Wakefield Council and the Arts Council England. In our first year, this has enabled us to:

  • Welcome 511,781 visitors
  • Generate approximately £10 million for the local economy through tourism

'The opening of the Hepworth Wakefield in 2011 has had a significant impact of Wakefield Tourist Information Centre - we saw an 11% increase in footfall in April 2011 to March 2012.' Melanie Armitage, Wakefield TIC Visitor Services Officer

'Trinity walk and the Hepworth are both central to the regeneration of the city centre, and have played crucial roles in putting Wakefield firmly on the map as a must-visit Yorkshire destination.' Susan Mendoza, Centre Manager,Trinity Walk Shopping Centre

  • Put Wakefield on the cultural map, nationally and internationally through wide and consistent positive media coverage worth £5.5 million

'The Hepworth Wakefield sets up Yorkshire as a world centre for sculpture.' The Guardian

'We knew that the Hepworth would have a significant impact on Wakefield but could never have imagined howpowerfully it would change people's perception of thecity - it has put us on the map not simply regionally but nationally.  Wakefield is now an international art venue and location.' Rt Reverend Stephen Platten, Bishop of Wakefield

  • Attract 16,896 school visits

'Being able to work with people from the Hepworth has instilled a sense of pride in the local area and it has really enriched the pupils, their knowledge of the area, their knowledge of art, and also their opportunity to work with people from outside.' Tim Chambers, Assistant Principal, Airedale Academy

  • Give 40,000 families access workshop and learning activities

'Why work with the Hepworth? Openness to embrace ideas and work positively in the community without compromising quality.' Stephen Foster, Assistant Principal, Hemsworth Arts & Community College

  • Present a programme of critically and publicly acclaimed collection and exhibition displays

'An inaugural tour de force.' Art Review

  • Deliver an artistic collection to inspire future generations of art lovers and artists

'Working as one of the artists at The Hepworth I have enjoyed... working with so many different audiences and I have loved inspiring others to make, think and question.' Emma Spencer, Creative Practitioner at the Hepworth Wakefield

  • Achieve self-generated income of 20 per cent, double the initial target.

Public funding for arts and culture in England costs each person in England just 14p per week. To find out more visit www.artscouncil.org.uk/what-we-do