Welcome to the advocacy toolkit, these pages are designed to help your organisation clearly demonstrate the value of public investment in arts and culture. You can use the information to:

  • build a relationship with your MP to explain why it's essential to invest in arts and culture, and how this applies to your organisation
  • tell your stakeholders and social networking followers why we need public investment in arts and culture, and encourage them to make the case to their MPs and local councillors
  • update your website with content on the benefits of public investment in arts and culture
  • develop key messages on public investment in arts and culture for your press releases and media activity

On 5 November 2013 our Chair, Sir Peter Bazalgette, and Chief Executive, Alan Davey, delivered a presentation on the holistic case for the arts and culture. Find out more and join the conversation on how we continue to expand on this.  

Our story: why arts and culture are good value

The following points sum up in the simplest and most direct terms why public investment in arts and culture is important; you can use and adapt these bullets at every opportunity:

  • Britain's cultural sector has boomed after sustained government investment
  • together, we have created world-class work, landmark institutions and quality education programmes
  • cultural events bring communities together and make our lives richer; we saw this in action at the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony, which drew on talent fostered by public investment
  • the cultural sector also creates economic growth and jobs; it is one of the fastest-growing in the economy
  • continued public funding is vital to the whole sector, giving confidence to sponsors and private investors
  • arts and culture are relatively cheap to support, and bring big returns. The current investment is 14p per person per week; equal to less than 0.05 per cent of total government spending

Economic contribution

For some key facts and figures download The contribution of the arts and culture to the national economy an Arts Council-commissioned independent report conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).

Your feedback

We want to make sure that the toolkit assets are as useful to you in your work as possible, so we expect to evolve and develop the content over time with important input from the cultural sector.
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How to demonstrate the benefits of public investment in arts and culture

Below is a presentation which may be useful to you in demonstrating the value of your work - feel free to share it, download it or embed it on your own websites and social media channels.

We’ve also produced four infographics to show key facts and figures around our investment, how arts and culture impacts employment and the economy and the benefits it brings to audiences. Download and share them now!

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