Subject Specialist Networks

Subject Specialist Networks revolve around a subject specialism. They are drawn from established professional membership bodies, or less defined networks of museums.

Jurassic ammonite fossils
Jurassic ammonites from Bavaria. Courtesy of the Lapworth Museum of Geology, University of Birmingham.

These networks help to develop the knowledge and expertise associated with specialist collections. They act as a democratic forum for the sharing of expertise, research, mentoring and developing best practice. Every network is expected to maintain an accessible platform for exchange.

Many other types of networks and groups exist – these tend to focus on generic topics such as learning and education, or broad museum activities like registrars, conservation or security. These are outside of the Subject Specialist Network remit, but often enjoy mutually supportive relationships with these networks.

Subject Specialist Networks are currently funded through the Museum Resilience Fund.


Subject Specialist Networks - contact list