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Reason to exist

Questions you might ask yourself

  • Why do we exist and for whom?

  • Do all our activities contribute to the achievement of our vision? If not, why are we doing them?

  • Do we have all the information and data that we need to express the public value that we provide?

What success looks like

  • We know what we are for.

  • We add real value to our artform/sector and/or audiences/participants.

  • We can clearly express our public value.



12Manage offers a vast library of definitions and explanations of different management theories, systems and processes. These include outline descriptions and further reading. As well as providing an A-Z dictionary of its contents, the site groups subjects under headings including Change and Organisation, Communication and Skills, Decision-making and Valuation, Ethics and Responsibility, etc. It is necessary to register to gain access to this information, which can be done free of charge.


Mindtools is a website providing management, leadership & career training and a range of tools and resources on a number of management subjects. Access to many of these requires a subscription of US$1 per month. However, many articles are available free online. An eBook containing all its online tools is available for download for around US$20.

National School Boards Foundation (USA)

The National School Boards Foundation in the USA offers an Education Leadership Toolkit with a range of sections including Change, Technology, Planning, Policy, etc. The modules are clear and succinct. Although aimed at educational leaders, the site contains interesting material for leaders in any community organisation.

Vision Mapper

Vision Mapper, part of the Beyond Current Horizons programme, is designed to help examine the future of education beyond 2025. It supports the UK education system in preparing for and responding the rapid evolution of society and technology. The resources provided are designed to support education leadership, but may be useful to any creative organisation wishing to develop its vision.