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Questions you might ask yourself

  • How have we ensured that all our staff and those that work with us are able to articulate and/or demonstrate our vision?

  • How do we monitor the effectiveness of our communications with staff and stakeholders?

  • Does our communications plan include opportunities to promote all our activities, including our learning/participatory programmes?

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What success looks like

  • Our staff, partners and audiences/participants know what our ambitions are and have had an opportunity to give feedback.



12Manage offers a vast library of definitions and explanations of different management theories, systems and processes. These include outline descriptions and further reading. As well as providing an A-Z dictionary of its contents, the site groups subjects under headings including Change and Organisation, Communication and Skills, Decision-making and Valuation, Ethics and Responsibility, etc. It is necessary to register to gain access to this information, which can be done free of charge.

  • 12manage's Communications and Skills page offers a wide range of links to articles on communication issues such as Crisis Management, Emotional Intelligence, Gestalt etc. The contents overlap somewhat with the page on Organisation and Change.

  • A wide range of links to articles on issues connected with change, many of which are also linked to communication, such as Appreciative Inquiry, Groupthink and Team Development. The contents overlap somewhat with the page on Communications and Skills.


Mindtools is a website providing management, leadership & career training and a range of tools and resources on a number of management subjects. Access to many of these requires a subscription of US$1 per month. However, many articles are available free online. An eBook containing all its online tools is available for download for around US$20.

  • A series of freely-downloadable articles on various subjects connected with improving communication. There are also a number of links to further resources on aspects such as writing skills, conflict resolution, empathy at work, etc.

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