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Potential audiences / participants / catchment areas / presenters

Questions you might ask yourself

  • Do we have a strategy for developing new audiences and for reaching more diverse groups of participants?

  • What new audiences/participants would we like to reach? Why?

  • What success have we had at reaching new audiences?

  • How are we communicating with them, and how should we communicate with them?

  • Is there an appropriate fit between the art that we make or present and the audience/participants we seek to reach?

  • Do we know what the barriers to participation are and how to remove them?

  • Are we selling our work successfully to presenters and co-producers?

  • Have we considered the possibilities that digital media provide for reaching new audiences?

What success looks like

  • We have a good understanding of audiences/participants that we would like to reach and have developed approaches for communicating with them.

  • We know the promoters/presenters/curators that are active in our field and how best to approach them.



The AMA is the national umbrella body for arts marketers and audience development workers, with a membership of around 1,900. It offers professional development opportunities, publications and networking. Parts of the site are available to members only, while some content, including downloadable material, is offered free.

  • The AMA publishes a number of books including 'Thinking Big', 'This Way Up' and 'The Marketing Manual'. However, they are only available to members, and detailed information about the publications is held behind the subscription wall on the site. The AMA also publishes a monthly members' magazine called JAM (Journal of Arts Marketing).

Audience Data UK (ADUK)

Audience Data UK (ADUK) provides guidance and clarification on collecting, processing, analysing and interpreting audience data gathered from box offices, visitor surveys or other research projects. It is supported by all the arts councils of the UK. Many of its resources are available free to download, while others are password protected and may be linked to training courses run by the organisation.

  • ADUK offers for free download a wide range of audience development, marketing and research reports by well-known practitioners and consultants. These include some editions of the AMA's journal JAM (normally available only to AMA members) and research commissioned by audience development agencies and funders. Subjects include growing audiences, writing research briefs and artform classifiers.

Mission Models Money

Mission Models Money is an independent, sector-led initiative addressing the challenges faced by individual arts and cultural organisations and their funders in developing mission-led, organisationally and financially resilient businesses. It aims to test ideas for responding and adapting to the numerous and complex trends affecting non-profit distributing arts and cultural organisations.

NESTA (National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts)

NESTA (the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts) is a Non-Departmental Public Body, accountable to Parliament and funded by means of a 300m endowment to foster innovation in tackling the country's social and economic challenges. It works in partnership with private and third sector organisations.

Third Sector Foresight

Third Sector Foresight is a National Council for Voluntary Organisations website, offering strategic insight and planning tools for the UK voluntary and community sector, including key drivers influencing the sector.

  • The Third Sector Foresight list of key drovers includes a section on technology, which includes information relevant to reaching and attracting new audiences, including: Access to the internet; Digital exclusion; Ease of publishing online; Ease of reaching niche groups; Online communities; Interactive websites; Empowered consumers/information society.