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Processes and systems

Questions you might ask yourself

  • Do we have effective processes for identifying, contracting and working with suppliers?

  • Do we have effective systems for communicating with our audiences and partners?

  • Are our customer-facing systems (box office, etc) easy to use and do they give us the information we need?

  • Is our IT system fit for purpose and do we have a strategy for its maintenance and renewal?

  • Do we use our IT and other systems effectively and efficiently?

  • Do our systems ensure that we adhere to regulatory requirements?

  • Are our systems safe and secure?

  • Do we have appropriate systems for the delegation of authority and are they clearly understood?

What success looks like

  • Our processes and systems enable us to operate effectively and efficiently.



CES helps members of voluntary and community organisations develop their own approaches to enhancing the quality of their services. This link is for the National Performance Programme, which enables charities to improve and enhance performance.

  • The publications list of CES/National Performance Programme includes sections on General performance; Monitoring and evaluation; Quality; Strategic planning; and Benchmarking.

The Ethical Property Foundation

The Ethical Property Foundation is a registered charity which advises charities and community groups on property issues. It has helped almost 600 organisations to rent, buy, let or manage property since 2005. 

Value Based Management (VBM)

The Value Based Management (VBM) site is a library of explanation of management methods, models and theories, giving succinct outlines of numerous approaches under five headings: 'Strategy- Value Creation'; 'Valuation- Decision Making'; 'Organisation - Change - Culture'; 'Communication - Marketing'; and 'Leadership - Management'. The sections are cross-referenced. The links at the bottom of each column take you to the 12manage site. No log-in or registration is required for VBM.

  • A huge range of models and systems are described here, with the 'Organisation - Change Management' and the 'Leadership - Management' columns likely to prove the most useful.