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Questions you might ask yourself

  • How well do we provide clear leadership?

  • Are everyone’s roles, responsibilities, objectives and measures aligned to the achievement of our plan?

  • Do our staff members have the appropriate skills to carry out the roles and tasks assigned to them?

  • Do we have reasonable expectations about the amount that our staff can achieve?

  • Do we provide appropriate opportunities for personal development?

  • How well does our team reflect the diversity of our communities?

  • Are we satisfied that we are observing employment law?

What success looks like

  • Our management and staff work together effectively to deliver our vision.


Arts Council England

Arts Council England is the national arts development agency for England, supporting a range of artistic activities from theatre to music, literature to dance, photography to digital art, carnival to crafts. It distributed both grant-in-aid and Lottery money.

Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) exists to support business success, promote innovation, enterprise and science and enable people to gain skills.

Mission Models Money

Mission Models Money is an independent, sector-led initiative addressing the challenges faced by individual arts and cultural organisations and their funders in developing mission-led, organisationally and financially resilient businesses. It aims to test ideas for responding and adapting to the numerous and complex trends affecting non-profit distributing arts and cultural organisations.


TBR is a company providing economic and strategy-based research to the professional and public service sectors.

Value Based Management (VBM)

The Value Based Management (VBM) site is a library of explanation of management methods, models and theories, giving succinct outlines of numerous approaches under five headings: 'Strategy- Value Creation'; 'Valuation- Decision Making'; 'Organisation - Change - Culture'; 'Communication - Marketing'; and 'Leadership - Management'. The sections are cross-referenced. The links at the bottom of each column take you to the 12manage site. No log-in or registration is required for VBM.

  • A huge range of models and systems are described here, with the 'Organisation - Change Management' and the 'Leadership - Management' columns likely to prove the most useful.