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Management structure and style

Questions you might ask yourself

  • How does our structure define reporting lines and provide manageable spans of control and direction?

  • How do we ensure the right people are making decisions and that they are appropriately accountable for them?

  • How effective is our management style?

  • Does our structure ensure that people can work effectively across the organisation?

  • Do we have and do we observe an equal opportunities policy?

What success looks like

  • We are managed and structured in a way that enables us to achieve our aspirations and which is cost effective and efficient.


KnowHow Non Profit

KnowHow Non Profit is a website which offers information, tips and ideas, and an online space for people to share what they have learnt with others. To take part in discussions and ask questions, it is necessary to register (free of charge), but much of the site is available without the need to register.

Proven Models

Proven Models is a database of management models grouped under headings including leadership and management, communication, strategic management, personnel management, etc. Content is free, but you can register and join the site's online community.

Value Based Management (VBM)

The Value Based Management (VBM) site is a library of explanation of management methods, models and theories, giving succinct outlines of numerous approaches under five headings: 'Strategy- Value Creation'; 'Valuation- Decision Making'; 'Organisation - Change - Culture'; 'Communication - Marketing'; and 'Leadership - Management'. The sections are cross-referenced. The links at the bottom of each column take you to the 12manage site. No log-in or registration is required for VBM.