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Location / facilities

Questions you might ask yourself

  • How do(es) our location/facilities meet our needs?

  • Are they in a good state of repair?

  • Do we have a clear plan and associated funds to maintain/repair/replace these facilities?

  • Do our facilities present any barriers to participation?

What success looks like

  • Our location/facilities are appropriate for the delivery of our vision.


Mission Models Money

Mission Models Money is an independent, sector-led initiative addressing the challenges faced by individual arts and cultural organisations and their funders in developing mission-led, organisationally and financially resilient businesses. It aims to test ideas for responding and adapting to the numerous and complex trends affecting non-profit distributing arts and cultural organisations.

Proven Models

Proven Models is a database of management models grouped under headings including leadership and management, communication, strategic management, personnel management, etc. Content is free, but you can register and join the site's online community.

The Ethical Property Foundation

The Ethical Property Foundation is a registered charity which advises charities and community groups on property issues. It has helped almost 600 organisations to rent, buy, let or manage property since 2005. 

Vision Mapper

Vision Mapper, part of the Beyond Current Horizons programme, is designed to help examine the future of education beyond 2025. It supports the UK education system in preparing for and responding the rapid evolution of society and technology. The resources provided are designed to support education leadership, but may be useful to any creative organisation wishing to develop its vision.