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Questions you might ask yourself

  • Do we understand our direct and indirect environmental impact?

  • How well do we measure and disclose our environmental impact?

  • Are we lagging behind or are we in a position to lead others in some way?

  • Could reduced environmental impact reduce our costs or increase our resilience in other ways?

What success looks like

  • We engage all staff in sustainability issues; from shop floor to boardroom.

  • We regularly measure, reduce and fully disclose our environmental impact.



BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) is the most widely used environmental assessment method for buildings.

  • Although BREEAM does not specify arts venues or organisations among its environmental assessment schemes, it has a section on 'Other Buildings' under which venues and leisure centres would fall.

International Futures Forum

International Futures Forum is a non-profit organisation established to help people and organisations to deal with complex and confounding challenges and to "restore the capacity for effective action in todays powerful times". Its resources include the Kitbag, which supports personal growth, and its World Model, which explores the global situation.

  • A&B's research project on corporate social responsibility looks at how increased concern for the good treatment of employees, responsibility in the marketplace, environmental concerns and community engagement have changed the attitude of many businesses towards funding the arts. It is available as a free download.

  • A world model considering 12 factors, such as worldview, wellbeing, community, wealth, governance and habitat, to focus attention on and tackle the complexity of the issues that organisations face, and to encourage people to "step out of their silos of expertise". Its uses include diagnosing current challenges and estimating future developments.

Julie's Bicycle

Julie's Bicycle is a not-for-profit organisation assisting the music industry to reduce its carbon emissions. It carries out research and gathers case studies, and has developed the Industry Green certification programme for the creative industries.

  • Resources including: Industry Green tools to measure your organisation's annual greenhouse gas emissions; case studies in the music industry; detailed information on climate change; a list of organisations providing information and guidance; the benchmarking methodology behind the IG tools; research reports from all its research projects. You must register to gain access to these resources, but there is no charge.


Sustain is a sustainability provider working to reduce businesses' carbon emissions, with services covering strategy, compliance, low carbon energy technology and project management.

  • Details of 'Compliance-based Display Energy Certificates (DECs) for Public Sector Buildings', which from 1 October 2008 have been a legal requirement for the public sector. Sustain also offers buildings assessments, analysis and a step-by-step approach to reducing carbon emissions, as well as assistance with energy saving measures and technologies.

The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA)

The Independent Safeguarding Authority (ISA) has been created by the Government to help prevent unsuitable people from working with children and vulnerable adults.

  • Free information on child safety legislation, and on the schemes ISA runs with the Criminal Records Bureau, such as CRB checks and the Vetting and Barring Scheme, which comes into force in July 2010.