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Our arts organisations are recognised throughout the world for their ambition, dynamism and creativity.

Their ongoing success will depend on their willingness and ability to develop, improve continuously and adapt to the ever-changing environment.

For arts organisations to produce the best work that they can and have the greatest possible impact, they need to be clear and confident about their mission, engage effectively with the world around them and be objective about their development needs.

That is why the Arts Council strongly encourages the organisations it funds to benefit from undertaking honest self-evaluation on a regular basis to help them to identify the challenges they face, and provide the basis on which to develop robust and ambitious plans for the future.

We know that many organisations already evaluate themselves and as we developed this framework we learned from many examples of best practice. The framework aims to support all organisations to improve their self-evaluation processes, providing a valuable check-list, useful guidance and many sources of further information. I am confident it will help arts organisations to realise even greater ambitions in the future.