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    A young girl takes a photo with a digital camera.

    Plymouth Cultural Education Partnership

    24 November 2015 / Case study

    As the South West’s bridge organisation, Real Ideas Organisation has supported the beginnings of a Cultural Education Partnership in Plymouth

    What a fabulous way to bring the villagers together...they are still talking about the wonderful evening they had.  Thank you for the opportunity to bring life to our lovely village hall again.  It was just what we needed.

    Taking arts and culture to the heart of rural communities: AIR in G

    30 June 2016 / Case study

    In the South West, almost one-third of the population live in rural settlements and there are more people living in villages, hamlets and isolated dwellings than in any other English region – almost one in five of the region’s total population. Many rural communities face particular challenges – social, geographic, economic – that mean people have very limited access to professional work. Touring is fundamental to opening up these opportunities and National portfolio organisation AIR in G runs the rural touring scheme in Gloucestershire.