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    Kevin stands with a young boy lying across his shoulders

    Dance: The Game-Changer

    Kevin Edward Turner / 18 April 2016 / Blog

    Kevin Edward Turner of Company Chameleon on dance and wellbeing

    Chorus members wearing MLGC hoodies smile down at the camera

    There when we need it

    Abi Hynes / 23 June 2016 / Blog

    From Manchester to Orlando: why communities turn to art and culture when they are most in need

    A woman in a green top poses for the camera with a baby wrapped against her back

    Dig a little deeper

    Skinder Hundal and Mahtab Hussain / 16 August 2016 / Blog

    Post Brexit, Mahtab Hussain and Skinder Hundal blog about how art makes space for empathy

    A young boy in school uniform plays the violin as part of an orchestra

    How music can change things

    Andy Gamble / 15 November 2016 / Blog

    Headteacher Andy Gamble blogs about how our In Harmony programme has transformed his two schools

    A little girl sits beaming and throwing confetti on a man's shoulders in the middle of a street parade

    Goodbye to Blue Monday

    Arts Council Blog Team / 16 January 2017 / Blog

    How art and culture can make you happier in 2017

    Young girl dances on stage wearing a paisley tunic.

    The art of making the case

    Peter Knott / 25 November 2014 / Blog

    Our Midlands Area Director, Peter Knott, tells us how we need to share our stories in order to keep making the case for public investment in arts and culture

    A bubble floating in front greenery.

    Burst your bubble

    Hannah Leverett / 24 August 2015 / Blog

    It turns out that search engines like Google have something to teach us about saving arts and culture funding