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    John Orna-Ornstein climbs the main mast of SS Great Britain in Bristol.

    Going aloft

    John Orna-Ornstein, John Orna-Ornstein / 08 April 2014 / Blog

    John Orna-Ornstein on climbing a hundred foot up the main mast of SS Great Britain in Bristol to mark the launch of a new heritage experience – Go Aloft!

    Young girl dances on stage wearing a paisley tunic.

    The art of making the case

    Peter Knott / 25 November 2014 / Blog

    Our Midlands Area Director, Peter Knott, tells us how we need to share our stories in order to keep making the case for public investment in arts and culture

    A woman in a showercap has buckets of water chucked over her.

    HAPPY New Year!

    Richard Russell, Richard Russell / 12 January 2015 / Blog

    Richard Russell, our Director of Policy and Research, blogs about a research study examining how different arts and cultural institutions affect levels of happiness