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    Seated audience members applaud at the National Rural Touring Forum Conference 2015.

    A rural adventure

    Michelle Dickson / 06 August 2015 / Blog

    Michelle Dickson, our Director for Touring and Yorkshire, reflects on how to bring the work to people in rural areas

    A woman swims underwater in a red dress.

    A portal fit for purpose

    Althea Efunshile / 26 January 2016 / Blog

    Althea Efunshile, our Deputy Chief Executive, writes on the launch of our new grant management system, and what it means for applicants

    Children gather around a performer.

    It's nice to share

    Michelle Dickson / 26 February 2016 / Blog

    Michelle Dickson, Arts Council England's Director of Touring, tells us how sharing our knowledge could transform the arts and culture sector