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    Seated audience members applaud at the National Rural Touring Forum Conference 2015.

    A rural adventure

    Michelle Dickson / 06 August 2015 / Blog

    Michelle Dickson, our Director for Touring and Yorkshire, reflects on how to bring the work to people in rural areas

    Kevin stands with a young boy lying across his shoulders

    Dance: The Game-Changer

    Kevin Edward Turner / 18 April 2016 / Blog

    Kevin Edward Turner of Company Chameleon on dance and wellbeing

    A man is sat on the floor playing a large drum, which is sat between his legs. A large brass horn (instrument) is sat on the top of the drum and the large end is covering the mans head. Acrobats are performing in the background, with one in the air.

    A top quality project

    Carl Stevens / 20 June 2016 / Blog

    As the Quality Metrics trial nears completion, our Senior Officer, Projects Carl Stevens blogs about his experience of the project over the last year.

    Chorus members wearing MLGC hoodies smile down at the camera

    There when we need it

    Abi Hynes / 23 June 2016 / Blog

    From Manchester to Orlando: why communities turn to art and culture when they are most in need

    Drummers walking through Blackpool

    Grit and glamour in Blackpool

    Michael Trainor / 15 September 2016 / Blog

    Michael Trainor on how LeftCoast in Blackpool is helping the local community to get involved in the town’s art and cultural life

    Two girls hold large shape blocks above their heads.

    Reaching the parts

    Michelle Dickson / 20 March 2015 / Blog

    Michelle Dickson, Arts Council England’s Director for Touring and Yorkshire, blogs about the refreshed guidance for the Strategic Touring Programme