When posting on the Arts Council blog, live chat room and social media channels please observe the following:

Be nice: even if you disagree with someone, you need to keep your tone civil and reasonable
Stay on topic: please keep discussions relevant to each topic and avoid multiple topic posts
Don't spam: show restraint with your posting frequency
Respect the staff: we will try very hard to answer everyone's questions, but please bear with us


We will delete or not publish posts that:

  • are seen as a personal attack on any individual
  • misinterpret information that we have published or are irrelevant to the topic being discussed
  • are abusive or threatening
  • may put us in legal jeopardy - are potentially libellous or defamatory, or breach copyright
  • are commercial in nature

The Arts Council encourages debate and discussion on it blog, live chat room and social media channels. However, to ensure that these environments remain relevant and safe, comments are moderated in line with the above rules. Any comments that do not adhere to this policy will be removed immediately and without notice.

Please note that blog comments and live chat questions are premoderated and there may be a delay in your post appearing on these channels.

These guidelines should be adhered to alongside the Terms and conditions of our online channels.

We may update this policy at any time.