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Endowments in the arts

Date:8 December 2010

This report was commissioned by the Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport to look at the use of endowments in the arts. A similar report about the use of endowments in the museums and galleries sector has also been published by Neil MacGregor, Director of the British Museum. 

The Arts Council's report contextualises the use of endowments in the wider landscape of philanthropy and fundraising on the one hand, and an organisation's capital structure on the other. The report makes a number of recommendations to help organisations to fundraise better, this includes suggesting the introduction of an iconic match-funding scheme to dramatically boost general fundraising in arts organisations of all sizes including those major urban conurbations. The report also makes a number of recommendations to support organisations in building fundraising capacity in the arts.

This report has been informed by a review of the available literature, as well as a series of around 75 interviews incorporating views from arts organisations themselves and experts on fundraising and financial management from the wider cultural and charitable sectors. It has also been informed by the valuable comments and reflections from a small external reference group of experts in the field which has informed the production of this report. This was made up of the following contributors: Sue Hollick, Carol Lake, David Carrington, Luke Rittner, Perdita Hunt, Gavin Stride, Veronica Wadley, Sally Wrampling, Andrew Macdonald, Lesley Wake.

Author:Arts Council England