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Arts policies (Word)

Date:2 February 2007
Artform:Combined arts, Dance, Literature, Music, Theatre, Visual arts

Please note that these are archive artform policies (2007-11). Visit Achieving great art for everyone to browse our 10-year vision for the arts.

Our arts policies set out the context for each artform, and the vision of what we would like to achieve for: combined arts dance interdisciplinary arts literature music theatre visual arts Our distribution policy shows how we will help create greater access to the arts through touring and digital distribution. We use a contemporary definition of the arts and are open to new trends in emerging - and sometimes challenging - arts practice. We recognise that each artform has its own distinctive qualities and each, to some extent, represents a distinct industry with its own economy. We also recognise artists’ desire to work across boundaries. That’s why we have policies for individual artforms as well as for combined arts and interdisciplinary arts. Our job is to keep art on the agenda, to trust artists and to support a climate in which they can thrive. The arts policies will improve the framework by which we can do that.


Author:Art Council England