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'What if?' Watch Darren Henley's speech

Posted on 22 September 2016

Yesterday, our Chief Executive, Darren Henley, gave a speech about the creative power of a question at the National Glass Centre in Sunderland.

You can now watch a video of the speech below, or download the transcript.

Great art gives everyone a chance to succeed, no matter where they start in life.

In his speech yesterday, Darren described his vision for the future of the art and culture sector. He talked about the central roles that art and culture play in our shared national culture, and in the life of cities like Sunderland. He emphasised that he is confident the sector’s contribution is recognised by the government - but that we must work hard on  our partnerships with local authorities, so that they continue to invest in local art and culture.

In a time of national change, Darren talked about how we need creative people to work with our communities, and to join forces with scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs. Together we can use the power of creativity to open a new chapter in Britain’s history.

The time is now. Let’s ask “what if?” and start a creativity revolution.