Scene of seafront in Plymouth with public walking around and a few people dressed in coloured costumes

Success for visual arts in Plymouth

Posted on 23 September 2016

A two year visual arts programme in Plymouth which aims to further enhance the city’s visual arts scene has been awarded £635,000 in our latest round of Ambition for Excellence

Ambition for Excellence is aimed at stimulating and supporting ambition across the arts sector in England and supporting the development of strong cultural places.

Starting in November this year, the Horizon programme - led by Plymouth Culture - will develop four major arts events in the city, support a talent development programme for artists and visual arts producers, and will enable communities to commission visual artworks.

a game-changing programme of activity for Plymouth

Tombstone Let’s Get Over This by Keith Harrison 2015 Part of the Acts of Making Festival. Image © Dom Moore.

Dom Jinks, Director of Plymouth Culture said: “Horizon will be a game-changing programme of activity for Plymouth, placing the city firmly as a leading cultural destination and developing major international festival expertise in the lead up to Mayflower 400 and the opening of the £34 million History Centre in 2020.

"Not only this, Horizon will develop the skills of artists in the city as well as enabling communities to participate in and commission high-quality visual arts. Alongside Arts Council England, we would like to thank Plymouth University for their total support of Horizon, allowing this ground-breaking project to happen and further enhancing their supportive reputation to the cultural growth of Plymouth.”

The fertility Orbit of the Boob Meteorite by Serena Korda at the Plymouth Art Weekender 2015. Image © Gordon Dalton. 

Plymouth Culture celebrate this success on the same day that they, alongside Plymouth City Council, launch two new, aspirational arts plans for the city at the start of this year’s Plymouth Art Weekender. The Public Art Plan and Go Beyond: A Visual Arts Plan set out exciting opportunities and visions for art in the city.

placing Plymouth on the map

Dom Jinks said: "We are thrilled to be launching these two new arts plans, which light up the paths for Plymouth to explore further. At the launch we will examine city-defining developments on our horizon, such as Mayflower 400 and the opening of the £34m History Centre.

"We believe that capitalising on invaluable opportunities like these will lead to an explosion of cultural activity, firmly placing Plymouth on the map as a major international cultural arts destination."

Ambition for Excellence aims to develop talent and leadership, helping to build cultural capacity and support work of increased ambition across the country.

Our expectation is that 80-90 per cent of this £35m fund will be committed outside London, to support our target that a minimum of 75 per cent of Lottery funding is committed outside the capital by 2018.

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