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Awkward Bastards is back...are you ready?

Posted on 13 February 2017

Disability arts organisation DASH are pushing the conversation around inclusivity and invisibility forward at their latest Awkward Bastards event.

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DASH's Awkward Bastards symposium 2015 at mac Birmingham. Photo © Hannah Levy. 

In 2015 we supported DASH to launch Awkward Bastards, a conversation aimed at asking awkward and challenging questions about diversity.

The two-day symposium brought together academics, artists and activists from the UK and USA to talk disability, ethnicity, sexuality, gender and class.

Now DASH are back with a second symposium co-produced by the Live Art Development Agency London and mac Birmingham.

This time Awkward Bastards will focus on underrepresentation, exclusion and invisibility.

Through Awkward Bastards DASH are encouraging people to have open, challenging and honest conversations about diversity, asking those big, awkward questions and tackling them head on.

Abid Hussain, Director, Diversity, Arts Council England.

An artist paining a portrait
Tanya Rabbe-Webber at DASH's Awkward Bastards symposium 2015 at mac Birmingham. Photo © Hannah Levy.

The symposium will take place at mac Birmingham on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 March.

Day one will focus on artistic practice with artists including Rachel Gadsden, Sue Austin and Mohammed Ali leading day-long creative workshops.

Panel discussions on day two will then consider how we frame diversity and what our responsibilities are to represent diversity in both the past and future.   

The symposium will also feature keynote speeches from Tate Director Frances Morris and David A Bailey of the International Curators Forum.

Throughout the event artist Tanya Rabbe-Webber will be creating a live portrait.  

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