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Working In Harmony

  • Date: 27 July 2012
  • Area: Midlands
Sinfonia ViVA, ABO conference

Sinfonia ViVA, ABO conference. Credit: Alan Fletcher

In Harmony is a national programme, based on the Venezuelan El Sistema, which aims to inspire and transform the lives of children in deprived communities by using the power and disciplines of community-based orchestra.

The orchestra sinfonia ViVA and University of Nottingham have been chosen to deliver one of four new In Harmony projects across the country. They will work with the city council on the scheme after Nottingham City Music Service was awarded joint funding by the Department of education (DfE) and Arts Council England. DfE will invest a total of £1.5 million between 2012 and 2015. This figure will be matched by the Arts Council which will also take a central co-ordinating and development role.

Peter Knott, regional director of Arts Council England, said: ''We are absolutely delighted that Nottingham City have been successful in their application to In Harmony. They are one of only four successful applicants nationally and this represents a well deserved achievement. More than that it brings new opportunities to children and young people in Nottingham, many of whom may not have had the chance to engage with music in this way before.

''We know that Viva already do fantastic work with children and young people and this represents a wonderful opportunity to really show the world what they can do; we know the region will reap the benefits over the longer term.''