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In Wonder: Vox at Vermilion curated by The International 3

  • Date: 29 July 2011
  • Area: North
Photo of Matthew Huolding artwork

Matthew Houlding, Black Neon Tetra, 2011, Mixed media, 29.1cm x 30.7cm, 2.4cm. Credit: courtesy the artist and Ceri Hand Gallery

In Wonder is a group exhibition of the work of three contemporary artists curated by established city centre gallery The International 3 and presented off-site at the new Vox gallery within Vermilion restaurant in the Eastlands district of Manchester. This gallery-restaurant collaboration is a first for Manchester.

The multi-artist mixed-media show features 11 wall pieces and two video works produced by three artists whose visions explore ideas of utopia and of fictionalised and imagined worlds. Johanna Billing is a Swedish artist who works with film. Her piece, Magical World, offers a glimpse of a changing world through childrens' eyes. Pat Flynn is north-west based and works principally with digitally-generated large-scale images and installation. Here he uses digital animation to question the ideologies of consumerism. Matthew Houlding from Yorkshire uses sculptures and collages to describe a fantastical retro-futuristic world inspired by architectural forms.

Their individual works in video, print and sculpture have been collected together as In Wonder, the opening exhibition at the Vox gallery at Vermilion restaurant, a new space in which this show will be the first of three planned for the inaugural year of this unique collaboration.

This new initiative began with the proprietors of Vermilion approaching the curators at The International 3 with a view to developing a new gallery to facilitate the showing of high-quality contemporary art to new audiences and to complement the experience of visiting a stimulating and modern restaurant building. The leaders of the project stress that this is far from an exercise in hanging pictures on a dining room wall - it is the launch of a new and dedicated contemporary art space.

Deborah Best, Regional Planning Relationship Manager, Arts Council England, said: 'This is a very positive step in the development of a thriving arts market for contemporary art in the North West. We are pleased that The International 3, in collaboration with Vermilion, have grasped this opportunity to be more entrepreneurial through the exploration of commercial activity. It is also a really positive sign that businesses like Vermilion are taking the initiative and see the benefits great visual arts can offer audiences whilst adding real value to their offer as a venue.'

Vox also aims to develop and link up with major contemporary artistic events being held in Manchester throughout the year. In Wonder runs until 20 August 2011. Further details of this and future exhibitions at Vox can be found on Vermilion's website.