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What we've seen: theatre

  • Date: 30 June 2011
  • Area: London

Every week staff at the London office see hundreds of performances and exhibitions. This month our Theatre team bring you some of their highlights.

Trojan Women, HotPots, Spare Tyre
"A riotous re-working of the original play by Euripides, in the style of Horrible Histories, but with tender moments added. I danced with the ensemble, most of whom were more agile than me and we were all given marshmallows.  A ray of sunshine on a grey London day."
Jenny Killick, Relationship Manager, Theatre 

Dream StoryGate Theatre, until 16 July
"Anna Ledwich followed up the success of LULU with an equally bold adaptation and direction, interweaving reality and fantasy to chilling effect and leaving me feeling almost drunk. Perfect for Lynch/Wedekind/Bertolucci fans. Gate are bringing Nick Pain’s powerful adaptation of Electra to Latitude festival in July too."
Lilli Geissendorfer, Relationship Manager, Theatre

Into Thy Hands, Wilton's Music Hall, until 2 July
"You wouldn't think a learned account of the soul-searching John Donne did before accepting the position of Dean of St Paul's would make for a sexy evening at the theatre. It really does though. I loved this show; a really bold intelligent script and a beautiful production." 
Pete Staves, Relationship Manager, Theatre 

Re:Charged by Clean Break, Soho Theatre
'Brought back on popular demand to Soho Theatre, these three unique plays tackle the topic of the criminal justice system. Some outstanding performances with excellent directing, it raises questions around mental health and gangs from a female perspective. Challenging, but completely inspiring.'
Faye Jones, Relationship Manager, Theatre